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Electro Steel,electro steel refrigeratorl, the Best Choice for Today & Tomorrow

We intend to improve Iran’s flourishing and development by public participation and collective wisdom of partners, staff, suppliers, distributers, and customers.

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A Countrywide Network in Iran

We have provided a countrywide network of sales representatives for our customers to have quick access to our products and this network is being improved constantly as a major principle in Electro Steel.

Welcome to Help & Support 

Here you can find and get familiar with the manuals and guarantee and support policies and in case you need after-sales service you find the contact information of the servicemen in your city or submit your service request here and track your request in Tracking Your Request section.

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Mashhad Factory and Main Office

(Quchan- Mashhad) 4th Km Asiyayi Road, Mashhad, Iran

Tel :+98  51 36651165  -  45 lines   Fax: +98  51  36651514

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